You Are What You Eat

As a kid I liked apple juice. I always wanted my cup refilled after I finished it. Sometimes when no one was looking I’d stop pouring, drink as much from the cup as I could, then continue pouring again. Once my mom noticed I drank close to half a litre of it, she told be I was going to turn into an apple.

I believed her.

I was sort of scared now. Aside from having to pee a few additional times, I never noticed a difference in myself when I consumed apple juice. Now after every glass I was checking my skin colour to make sure it wasn’t changing. I started thinking maybe the process was gradual and once I hit the magic amount the transformation would take place. I began imagining myself as a giant apple with arms and legs, a glorified Fruit of the Loom mascot.


I can’t express the sense of relief I felt when my mom told me this isn’t something I have to worry about. I just wish she wouldn’t have waited until I was half way through university.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the popular phrase “you are what you eat.” While you may not turn orange and grow a green top when you eat a carrot there certainly is some validity to the statement. It is important to remember that food isn’t the only thing we eat; people (hopefully not literally), media, thoughts, cultural norms, time, and list of things we consume on a daily basis goes on. What we choose to consume mentally can be just as important as the food we eat.

What stories are you feeding yourself? Are they stopping you from taking action? I can’t do this because I’m not rich enough? I don’t have the right genetics? The time isn’t right? We have to stop telling stories that limit ourselves. Start feeding yourself thoughts of success, which will turn into believing in success, which will eventually turn into success. Don’t be one of the many who can’t, be one of the few who do.

If you find yourself feeling shitty after:

  • talking to someone, try talking to them less. Talk to someone you makes you feel good instead.
  • watching a television program, the news for example, try watching something that makes you feel good instead.
  • after thinking certain thoughts, think different thoughts that make you feel good instead.

What if you can’t stop thinking negative thoughts? Try washing them down with positive ones. Think of things in your life that you are grateful for. Write them down. Challenge yourself. Try writing down the opportunities that are presented to you by this negative thought. You can’t always remove the negative but you can dilute it.

The other day my friend put a drop of soy sauce into another friend’s near empty glass of sangria. If you drank it as is you might gag. If you put enough sangria back in it though you wouldn’t even know it was there.

Be careful about quantities, too much of anything can make you sick. Balance is key. Once Hayley and I were left unsupervised in the cabin at the lake. We started snooping around for something to eat and boy oh boy we came across the holy grail. A big, unopened box of fuzzy peaches. We dug in. After about 10 or so candies I quit but Hayley kept going… and going… and going. In a matter of minutes the entire box was empty. I should have realized I was safe from becoming an apple when Hayley didn’t turn into a fuzzy peach. However, she spent supper and most of that evening sick.

Our meals can’t always be ideal. We’re human, sometimes we splurge. We have that piece of dessert (or if you’re like me two or three). It’s not the end of the world. By practicing healthy habits in your day-to-day life you’re body is prepared to deal with such splurges, sometimes we can even benefit from them! When we are in a healthy state obstacles and disappointments can become guiding factors to new answers and opportunities.

What kind of person do you want to be? Does what you consume reflect that? What should you consume more of? Less of? What can you simple change can you make today? One small alteration per day can quickly compound into vast changes to even the most toxic of diets. No matter how good your diet becomes there will probably be days where you take one heaping scoop of negativity and decide well I’ve already had one, may as well have three more. It’s ok though, it happens. You’ll feel icky for a bit but it’ll pass through your system eventually. No matter what you eat or how bad you feel, you can take comfort in at least one thing that I now know to be true; you aren’t going to turn into an apple.

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