Origin Story

It was a disaster.

My friend stood in the centre of the agility course calling her dog’s name but it wouldn’t obey. It had been exceptionally well behaved before it’s leash was removed. I thought the trial would go well. Instead, my friend’s countless hours of training and practice had accumulated into three minutes of heartbreak. It hurt to see her so upset. However in that moment something unexpected happened. I was overcome by feelings of pride and inspiration. A belief that everyone there was witnessing something special.

From superheroes to entrepreneurs, everyone has an origin story. Spider-Man would have never became a member of The Avengers had he quit after failing to stop the murder of his Uncle Ben. Henry Ford would have never found Ford Motor Co. had he quit after the failure of Detroit Automobile Company and the Henry Ford Company. My Mickey Mouse mug from which I’m drinking wouldn’t exist had Walt Disney quit after being told by a newspaper editor that “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas” or when MGM told him a giant mouse wouldn’t work because it would terrify women. Perseverance is key to success.

We live in a society that puts a focus on outcomes, not what leads to them. After the agility trial most people focused on the good and the bad of the run and how to improve. While this important, no one acknowledged the accomplishment and courage it took to get there. Signing up for classes, finding the farm, paying the fees, signing up for the trial, attending it knowing she had limited practice. There were countless opportunities to back out but she saw it through. Now she has a baseline to build off of and improve upon. The significance of this should not go unnoticed.

For years the fear of initial failure has crippled me. I’ve attempted to write many times in the past but always fell short of publishing my work because I didn’t think it was good enough. I thought people would reject me. That my writing was so bad that no one would ever want to read anything from me again. The list of excuses keeping me from clicking publish is endless, and more importantly, irrational.

As my friend stood heartbroken it dawned on me that she is going to survive this experience. She is going to have an opportunity to practice, improve, and will succeed if she preservers. I can too.

I am grateful for witnessing their first run.

This post is my origin story. Soon I will be a superhero.

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