My 2016 New Year’s Resolutions! … And Why I’m Making Them In The First Place

I published the following post on Medium:

Last year I didn’t make any resolutions. I became a member of the don’t make goals and just try to be better everyday movement. That’s all well but guess what, I miss making resolutions, so I’m going to! I might not accomplish them all but in trying I’ll learn plenty of valuable things.

I think goals become harmful when you hinge your well being on accomplishing them. If you are conscious of all your growth on your journey towards your goal it doesn’t matter so much if you meet the goal or not because the growth is what you want. At the end of the day, $75K doesn’t mean that much. I could win the lottery, and I’d have met my goal, but that’s not what I want. I desire the experience and knowledge that comes with trying to accomplish these goals. With that said, here are my resolutions for 2016:

– $75K supplemental income from doing things I love
– Weigh >= 190 lbs (Currently, I weigh 170.2 lbs)
– Write and publish at least two books
– Record and release the audio book of Remember The Good Times
– Write and publish at least two apps
– Start the Remember The Good Times podcast
– Host an event related to Matt and I’s podcast, Check Your Backseat!
– Give more money and time to others
– Share and engage more on social media
– Be less afraid of asking others for help

I’d love to see your resolutions in the comments!

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