How I Got The Idea For Remember The Good Times

The following is one of the many questions that I’ve answered on my Goodreads Author page. You can ask me anything there.

Where did you get the idea for your most recent book?

My most recent (okay, my only) book, Remember The Good Times, describes how I’m overcoming the murder of my cousin and her son by her husband who then took his own life also. Writing was my primary outlet after receiving the news of their passing. I would write until a point of mental exhaustion. I often felt hollow and emotionless afterwards, but I could get on with my day.

That same summer my two friends and I were going to backpack through Southeast Asia. I contemplated not going, but stuck to the plan. While we were there I was journaling obsessively in hopes that I would start a travel blog. I never did. However, I did decide I wasn’t going to let this tragedy in my life stop me, instead I would find a way to use it to motivate me to be a better person.

To that end, I was reading a lot of nonfiction books. Most of the “self-help” books I tried didn’t resonate with me though. They felt too preachy and impersonal. I eventually stumbled upon my journals that I wrote after the murder. The entries didn’t make a lot of sense in parts, but they were raw and real. They were more relatable for someone who was in pain. I wanted to write a book that describes what I found were the best techniques for overcoming a traumatic event, but instead of skirting around the dark emotional places I encountered along the way, I would embrace them. I hoped that doing so would build a sense of trust with the reader. That trust would give them the courage to try the techniques that I think can help someone to overcome any hardship.

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