Every Election Ever…

A brief summary of every Federal Election:

– Ads begin to run explaining how crappy every party is.
– We see these ads and begin to realize an election is coming and for the first time ever (or since the last one) we jump on the Internet and get “informed” (I know, the Internet wasn’t really a thing for the first 30 some elections so you can replace it with the word television or newspaper if you’d like).
– Somewhere between that and a few Google searches, we become an expert on all things political and choose which party we are aligned with (usually the one that posted the articles that made us experts).
– Armed with an arsenal of knowledge we look for unsuspecting victims to either dual or bash other political parties with. Bars are the most common battleground.
– The hunt continues up until the federal election.
– The election comes, we vote and then watch the results come in and make fun of any riding that votes against us.
– The results are revealed at which time the winning side revels in their victory while everyone else is preparing for the inevitable nuclear holocaust that must accompany their party not making it into power.
– A few days pass and we forget all about it until the next one.

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